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IBIS deploys investigators with specific skill sets for the task at hand.   Whether serious complex Fraud, Establishing the actual facts surrounding a Murder, a Cross Border Investigation, Due Diligence of people and companies, or Surveillance, different investigators are assigned to handle different segments of the investigation. This supports the project as a whole to enable the IBIS case manager to complete the Criminal or Civil case preparation for the legal team in a comprehensive written report with images, video, or technical services as necessary.

IBIS has unrivaled expertise in Fraud and Theft Investigations. Whether you are a Fortune 50 multinational, a partnership, an investor, or an individual who has been defrauded, IBIS has the skill sets and experience to assist.  IBIS has investigated thousands of large and small cases in over 50 countries.

IBIS routinely works for Civil Litigation lawyers to gather and document the evidence required for the Court to prove the client’s case or to negotiate the best possible settlement.

In Criminal cases such as Murder cases, we work for the victim’s family or the accused’s lawyer. IBIS investigates the crime, locates and interviews potential witnesses, maps and diagrams the scene, performs simulations to determine timelines, etc, and utilizes such IBIS technical and forensic services as necessary.

IBIS has a long history of success in Kidnapping, Extortion, Negotiation and Ransom cases, High Profile Murder investigations, and Blackmail cases.  IBIS white-collar crime investigations have ranged from locating and bringing to justice a bookkeeper absconding with the company payroll to investigations involving Enron, Bernie Madoff, the Bank of Credit and Commerce, and the UN Oil for Food Fraud, to the recovery of a failed political candidate who fled to South America with embezzled funds.  Major cases involve gathering and collating different types of evidence, and presenting them to law enforcement, regulators, and attorneys in North America and globally.

Where cross-border funds transfers, money laundering, or hidden assets are an issue, IBIS can verify or disprove information provided to you and locate assets worldwide. IBIS then works with local legal counsel to take action to freeze and recover those funds or assets.

IBIS has extensive expertise in cryptocurrency mining and transactions, whether hidden, stolen, or fraudulent. We have worked on exchange frauds, and on some very high-profile “disappearances” of cryptocurrency. For further information contact IBIS at

It is always distressing when a trusted employee breaches that trust. IBIS has been conducting successful undercover workplace operations audits and investigations for over 40 years and has the experience and expertise necessary to conduct a proper workplace investigation to determine unbiased facts. Undercover investigations not only provide information about malfeasance but also your plant or branch plant efficiency.