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Technical Services

Offices and residences are targets for individuals willing to break the law to uncover competitive and personal information about you and your plans.

Using highly sophisticated “State-of-the-Art” electronic and computerized equipment on each sweep, we perform dozens of scientific tests to look for unauthorized wired and wireless, analog and digital transmissions from your residence or office. IBIS examines the hundreds of benign Rf signals in and around your facility to detect the malevolent signal.

Drones are the modern-day “peeping toms”. They can fly up and look in your windows, and transmit the video, audio, and your WiFi and wireless LAN traffic back to their handlers. IBIS can electronically scan for drones 24/7, provide alerts, and take remedial action as necessary.

IBIS can enhance video provided to you as evidenced from on location CCTV cameras, or audio produced in a noisy environment. For remote A/V, IBIS North American Lab accepts and analyzes video and audio from all over the world. We can provide reports and expert testimony in Court as to methodology and results.

IBIS examines computers, mobile devices, and cellular phones for evidence of compromise. IBIS uses State-of-the-Art computer programs for forensic acquisition and analysis while ensuring test result validity.

IBIS protects examination rooms by scanning for metal objects using hand scanners and walk-through scanners. We analyze any video, digital, and cell phone transmissions from the room.