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  • Yes, people really bug offices. They use devices to pick up your office conversations, your telephone conversations, your computer traffic via LAN or wirelessly, and your WiFi traffic.  Years ago, IBIS would find something once out of every 15 times the sweep team went out.  Now the average is once out of every four times.
  • For lots of reasons. Usually money. Outside interceptions are often done for a competitive advantage, to steal your ideas, your plans and R&D, or your customers. Sometimes inside interceptions are done because one employee is trying to get a promotion advantage over another.
  • It used to be that “bugging” equipment was very expensive and required someone with a lot of technical knowledge to install and operate it. Now highly sophisticated equipment is easy to install and monitors can be purchased on the internet very cheaply.
  • Yes if you have a valid, legal reason for doing so.  Many IBIS clients have IBIS install camera systems that have the audio capability for many perfectly legitimate reasons. 
  • Yes if you have a valid, legal reason for doing so.  Many IBIS clients have vehicle GPS devices for many perfectly legitimate reasons. 
  • No. One small Rf detector has a very limited range and will miss all but the least sophisticated bugging devices.
  • Not necessarily, not even probably.  We live in a society in which there are hundreds of Rf signals everywhere. The fact that many various signals exist is perfectly normal and does not mean information from your residence is being transmitted outside,.
  • Yes. Of course.
  • Depending on the size and use of the premises, a sweep can take two to three hours to two to three days, IBIS comes in with a team of several technicians, with a dozen or more cases of highly sophisticated equipment and we do dozens of tests in various areas of the premises.
  • That depends on what the client wants us to do. We can call the police or the client’s lawyer and preserve the bug as evidence, we can remove or disable the bug, or leave it in place so the listener will hear false information.

Yes, constantly. We spend many thousands of dollars annually upgrading our existing equipment and software and acquiring the latest TSCM and EECM equipment.  Back in the day, our teams took two or three cases of equipment on sweeps.  Now they take a dozen or more. 

  • That depends on what we find when we do the sweep. IBIS has found the actual bugging device that was just left in place by the listener when when the battery that powered it died We have found wires and connections where there should not be any and other similar indications that the premises were being bugged.
  • It depends on the e-mail, the method used, and what we find when we do the sweep.