Asset Location and Recovery

  Accurately determining the location of the actual assets owned or controlled by the parties, together with realistic valuation for recovery, is vital to every action for recovery.

We do not guess and we do not break laws.asset location and recovery Services

IBIS obtains and documents information that can be used as a foundation to obtain necessary evidence, or if appropriate, information which can be directly presented as evidence in recovery proceedings.

IBIS uses various methods to determine and document assets, including:

• Identification of the probable location(s) of the assets;
• Broad Spectrum” local database searches where available;
• Local research and investigations, including, where appropriate, discreet interviews with  persons who have knowledge
    regarding the subject’s activities, associates habits and assets;
• Lifestyle surveillance and assessment of the subject’s principals;
• Lifestyle surveillance and assessment of the subject’s local agents;
• Surveillance and assessment of subject company premises;
• Identification of intact and converted assets;

IBIS then documents banking and asset recovery procedures in the significant domestic and foreign or off-shore locations, liaises with the local civil authorities and provides assistance with legally freezing, seizing and recovering the assets.