IBIS Corporation Witness Location

  • Witness Location Services and Solutions

    IBIS Corporation has gathered the evidence to assist lawyers in virtually all areas of practice, including:
    Civil Litigation
    Criminal Law
    Family Law
    Labour Law
    and most other areas of practice. 

    E-mail us with "what could you do in this case" and  "what would it cost" questions. We are always happy to discuss potential projects. 

    We routinely locate assets & people worldwide and provide evidence for affidavits, depositions etc.  Liaison of the case in different jurisdictions or countries is a common occurrence. IBIS provides Secure, Equipped and Staffed (if desired), War Rooms in many foreign jurisdictions. 

    Private Investigation Services include:
    Asset Location;
    Covert (Undercover) Investigations;
    Event reconstruction;
    Evidence Collection, Organization and Presentation;
    Scene Imaging and Diagrams;
    Technical Assistance;
    Video & Audio Evidence;
    Witness and Asset location;
    Witness Location, Interviews and Statements;
    Witness preparation for Court 

    Corporate Law: The client base which has increased the most in recent years is investigation of branch plants. When you see “red flags”, such as branch non-compliance or resistance to requests, as well as reduced profits at some plants, give us a call to discuss.  We can likely help. We have utilized pretexts and elaborate "stings" to prove executive conflict of interest and systemic fraud on minority shareholders; 

    Labour Law: Do your clients know how to deal with internal theft, or an imminent labor unsettlement? Do they know whether they have a law suit "waiting to happen" because of a bad supervisor? 

    Strike Security:  Our Labor Unsettlement Unit provides experienced, well trained, uniformed guards and investigators who are especially trained in personal and property protection during labor unsettlements. Our security personnel recognize and implement the difference between strict enforcement of our client's rights and the sort of overreaction which can cause a situation to deteriorate.