IBIS Computer Forensics and Document Management Experts Toronto

Computer Forensics and Document ManagementIn fraud and influence peddling investigations, critical data can often be found in computer files and E-mails of the perpetrators.
The vast amount of data, documents, e-mails etc. from all the hard drives, PDA’s etc. then has to be collated, managed, sorted and individual items quickly retrieved for presentation to Courts, opposing Counsel etc.

In many cases, attempts to erase the damning evidence data only makes it easier for an IBIS specialist to identify the information.

IBIS technicians are highly skilled and experienced forensic engineers who can find a needle in the haystack and recreate critical events and answer the critical questions concerning computer data surrounding the issues in your case.

• State-of-the-art proprietary mirror imaging to preserve the integrity of evidence;
• Data Mining to locate crucial evidence;
• Secure chain-of-custody procedures to ensure the admissibility of the resulting evidence;

We are available to give expert testimony. We can prepare and present our forensic findings to the judge, the jury, foreign bank regulators or others at your direction to help you win your case.

IBIS provides complete Document Management Services for entities involved in litigation.

IBIS will act for either party or as a neutral document repository and document manager for both parties and the court.

In some case an accounting firm or a law firm is appointed as custodian and IBIS acts under the custodians auspices.

IBIS acts as an unbiased secure document repository and keeps all electronic and paper documents secure and secret.

Under consent, or court order, IBIS acquires the hard drives, portable media and paper, organizes and catalogs the documents, performs such comprehensive searches as are from time to time required, applies filters as agreed by the parties or ordered by the court and supplies electronic or paper documents to either or both parties as directed.

IBIS can also set up separate secure document databases for the parties to access on line in doing their preparation, so that each party can search the specific data and documents to which they are entitled.