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    Security since 1976: IBIS has been in the high end security business a very long time.
    Our very first assignments in 1976 were protection of an International Airline at all their stations, Security at  six International Airports and security at a northern NATO base routinely used by NATO Strategic bombers carrying nuclear weapons.

    At one of our stations IBIS security personnel were the first point of contact for defectors who arrived from Soviet Bloc countries on a weekly basis.    

    High End Security: IBIS deploys motivated, trained, professional and competent security personnel for a variety of clients with a variety of needs. IBIS Security guards secure premises, monitor visitors and operations, log details of inbound and outbound shipments and control access. 

    Guards: IBIS Security Guards are trained, alert, articulate and well-turned-out in uniform styles including: Dress, work, plain clothes or Para-military. 

    Supervisors: IBIS supervisors are experienced, qualified and provide 24 hour client point of contact. IBIS implements constant and positive site patrol monitoring with communications. 

    Specialized Security and Technical Aids: IBIS provides a variety of specialized and custom designed security available to our clients on long and short terms. We deploy state-of-the-art equipment and technical aids  to support our personnel. 

    Counter Insurgency:  IBIS has Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Insurgency Force Protection Para– Military teams for projects in many trouble spots worldwide. 

    While the exact deployment of IBIS Para-Military Teams are not revealed, IBIS teams routinely work in Iraq, in the Gulf, in Africa, in Central Asia and South Asia and Central and South America.