IBIS Corporation Security Audits

  • Have you had a Security Audit done recently? 

    An IBIS Risk Assessment, Security Survey or Security Audit is like a check up at the doctors. You may think that your company’s handling of security is OK, there haven’t been any major thefts lately, and no one has complained, but perhaps those nagging aches should be looked into.

    What is the Purpose of a Security Audit?
    An IBIS Security Audit identifies your vulnerable areas from an Asset and Personnel Protection and Risk of Penetration perspective. Assets include your building(s), equipment, supplies, inventory and proprietary information. The Audit assesses the risk from both internal and external threats, rates the seriousness of the problem, and recommends repairs. 

    Can’t I just buy a book on Physical Security?
    The IBIS Security Audit does not give you a “canned” report. IBIS security survey team members spend time at your facilities, observing, interviewing management and staff, and then they report to the Team Leader on a large number of issues. The final report is, therefore, site specific, and provides recommendations, graded according to urgency, for you to consider for implementation. 

    I don’t think I need a Security Survey!
    Good, but how about going and looking to see if the passwords to the computer is written on a piece of paper in the top drawer of someone’s desk? (If you find one written on a post-it note on the side of a computer, please donate $10.00 to the charity of your choice). Now, try to get a blank Company cheque without asking for a key to a locked cabinet. In most offices the blank cheques sit on a shelf in an unlocked supply area. Have you reviewed your critical incidents to determine if they could have been avoided if the designated procedures had been followed? 

    Do you have more than one plant?
    Does one plant always seem to have shrinkage problems? An IBIS Security Survey at each plant, with the goal of creating universality in systems and measures, will determine the reason for the problems. IBIS works in a variety of situations, in a variety of countries from highly industrialized metropolitan centers, to rural areas. There is no country or culture that accepts internal theft or fraud, or employees not following security procedures. 

    We’re not a factory, we’re a Law firm or Accounting firm. Do we need a Security Survey?
    Yes. Theft of laptops, cameras, petty cash, and blank cheques, supplies and stationary are a serious problem in many offices. Would it damage your business if someone photocopied some of your client’s files or financial records and gave them to their competition? 

    What does it cost?
    The cost is based on the size of the facility and the number of man-hours that IBIS estimates the Survey will take. Call us. We’re always happy to discuss budgets for potential projects.