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Since 1976, IBIS has provided accurate, timely, situation specific, discreet, real world Private Detective.


We enable clients to make informed decisions. IBIS investigators make inquiries and ask questions. We locate and interview witnesses, take statements, perform surveillance, gather facts and investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the incident in question.

IBIS is the expert in Fraud Investigation. IBIS clients are companies and individuals around the world.  See how we differentiate ourselves from others.


Investigation Services

Due Diligence

IBIS International solutions with operations in over 45 countries!

The true state of affairs means the actual situation on the ground - not just internet searches and a rehash of newspaper reports.

To get the right answers you need to ask the right questions. You must have people on scene, to have real time access to the individual or the situation, to communicate in the language of the interviewee in the appropriate time zone. IBIS operatives always speak the language(s) in their areas of operations. We provide information, on-location interviews and background checks to assist you make informed decisions.

Fraud Alerts
Follow our Fraud Alerts and take the IBIS Challenge
"Corporate due diligence should always include an in-depth credibility assessment of the companies concerned, their principals and other key executives"

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Asset Protection

  • Security Personnel  IBIS provides motivated, trained, professional and
             competent security personnel..

    Security Assessments IBIS help
     identify your vulnerable areas
  • Virtual Security  IBIS also provides  virtual security guards.
  • CCTV Systems IBIS CCTV systems are unique to each client.
  • Remote Monitoring Center Secure Monitoring Center to
             constantly monitor your premises.
  • Satellite Tracking The latest technology allows IBIS to trace and
             track your plant and equipment by

         De-Bugging Sweeps

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I would just like to welcome you personally to our new website and to thank you for taking the time to find out more about IBIS and the many services we have to offer. I hope we can be of further service.

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