IBIS Ottawa - Virtual Security Services

  Virtual Security Services
Where appropriate, IBIS provides “virtual security guards” and “virtual concierges”.

Not only is this system cost effective it can be more efficient for routine visitor control and safer in hostile areas. The Virtual Security Services are custom designed with kiosks and modules that fit the client’s needs.

A client’s facility has to process many visitors. Currently 5 receptionists and security guards do this, but there are always long line ups. With 10 IBIS kiosks, the line ups disappeared, each visitor is photographed or videoed, and has their driver’s license or other ID scanned. The computer verifies the visitor is approved for entry, ensures the escort is waiting for the visitor and opens the gate for access. This is a simple basic system.

Biometric systems, weapons and explosive detection, facial recognition, multiple identifiers, and other appropriate controls are available as required. For truck deliveries and pickups, identifiers and tracking data such as license plates, bar codes, manifests and other paperwork can be scanned, processed and verified. Routine documents can be automatically completed and printed for the driver or visitor. There is always a human controller, but one controller can handle numerous kiosks, and deal with each visitor.