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    IBIS International family of companies had its inception in 1976.  Since then IBIS offices and companies have opened in the US, Canada, Iraq, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Libya, Trinidad, Jamaica, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Korea and other countries.

    What we do for our clients is always
    , often privileged
    and in some cases classified.

    IBIS has a very broad base of clients, not only in North America but around the world. IBIS client diversity has given IBIS an unrivalled knowledge of the inner workings of many types of industries and institutions, as well as the courts and legal systems in various countries and societies.

    This enables IBIS to determine the best methods to obtain the information needed by our clients in a manner in which it can be applied successfully. We are constantly learning about new and different client operations and issues through experience, ongoing training for IBIS people, trade and professional associations and from our resource personnel in a myriad of professions.

    IBIS provides the most accurate and timely, situation specific, real world investigations and analysis to enable its clients to make informed decisions. Especially Uniformed Security Officers.

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