IBIS Ottawa -Provides Accurate Tactical Intelligence & Security in Hostile Areas

  IBIS has been in the counter-terrorism business a very long time.

When the original concept that became IBIS Corporation was born in 1976, our very first assignment was the protection of an airline hangar and flight simulator for an international airline. It grew into security at six international airports, including pre-flight screening; then security at a NATO base routinely used by aircraft carrying nuclear weapons.IBIS Provides Accurate Tactical Intelligence & Security in Hostile Areas

At one of our stations our security personnel were the first point of contact for defectors who arrived from Soviet Bloc countries on a weekly basis.

IBIS has counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency force protection operations in Iraq and many other trouble spots worldwide.

Executive Protection:
IBIS protects Government Officials, Politicians, Heads of State, CEOS of multinational corporations and rock stars;

Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Negotiations
Operational plans for recovery and evacuation or “bug-out” routes.  IBIS has highly classified evacuation routes and safe houses in place for executives and their families in several politically unstable countries;

IBIS has real people “on-the-ground” in over 45 countries, in unsettled areas we can provide verifiable relevant information concerning active and potential terrorist organizations, insurgent threats, and other information on threats in countries where our clients want to do business;

24 Hour Hot-Line Services:
Rapid Reaction Forces; Drivers, Local Support and Security as well as Cross Cultural Training for persons traveling to or working in potentially hostile environments.