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An IBIS Security Survey is like a check up at the doctors. You may think that your company’s handling of security issues is OK. There haven’t been any major thefts lately, no complaints of toxic waste being dumped into the municipal water supply, the RCMP, Special Branch or the FBI hasn't been bothering you with pesky questions about your branch manager trying to bribe foreign officials, but perhaps those nagging small issues should be looked at before they metastasize.

IBIS identifies your vulnerable areas from an Asset Protection Risk of Penetration and operational Supply Chain perspective. All our security assessments are C-TPAT (US Customs Trade partnership Against Terrorism) compliant.

Your Assets are your plant, equipment, supplies, inventory, proprietary information, and people. The Survey assesses the risk from both internal and external threats, rates the seriousness of the problem, and recommends fixes or enhancements.  If you wish we can assist you to implement repairs. Our expertise comes not just from IBIS people's backgrounds and Skill Sets, or that we have performed many Security Assessments across the entire spectrum of business, but also from our years of experience in working in companies such as yours, in North America and around the world.

IBIS Surveys are never off-the-shelf boilerplate, but are customized to your specific situation and address your needs and concerns. We can include your vulnerability to theft, fraud, workplace violence, corporate intelligence infiltration, environmental concerns and exposure to liability from injury to third parties.

An IBIS Security Assessment should be considered if:

·         You export to the USA, and are applying for C-TPAT certification.

·         You have branch plants or offices, particularly if they are overseas.

·         You have a mandatory requirement, e.g Ottawa workplace violence

·         You anticipate or have a new contract to purchase product from a foreign supplier


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