Countermeasures Ottawa

Corporate Espionage
is very common!

What we do for our clients is always confidential, often privileged and in some cases classified..

The Dangers
Clandestine eavesdropping on your office and home telephone calls.
Covert audio/video of your meetings and conversations;
The Consequences
Theft of your proprietary information by rivals, competitors and foreign governments, can seriously damage or destroy your business.


Detection requires sophisticated equipment and specialized skill sets
 IBIS has been providing EECM Sweeps and Computer Forensics since 1976. We have done thousands of sweeps across Canada, the USA and in many other countries. IBIS equipment and technology is state-of-the-art and constantly updated. IBIS countermeasures teams are experts in detecting covert surveillance devices.

We protect our client’s assets, facilities, people and interests, wherever in the world they are.

Our Services Include:
Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures, EECM, Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, TSCM Services, TSCM Surveys, De-Bugging Sweeps, Bug Sweeps, Bug Sweeping, Wiretap Detection, Computer Forensics, Corporate Espionage, Detecting Covert Surveillance Devices, Electronic Countermeasure, Counter Surveillance Specialist

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Specialists in Detection

    • Unique modified induction coupler found by IBIS, hidden under a mass of wires in 52nd floor telephone closet. Sophisticated? No!IBIS has found hundreds of illegal spying  devices including:

Scores of Bugs: (Acoustic, Rf, Optical, VLF, Ultrasonic and Hybrid transmitters)
Dozens of wire-taps Soft, Hard, Inductive, Covert or hidden in plain sight
Devices and Software to compromise Computers and access sensitive data
Pinhole Microphones, Spike mikes, Harmonica bugs and Induction coils
Wireless video cameras broadcasting Both Audio and Video

Laser eavesdropping systems
Modulated, (non-laser), light beams

A bug that cost $39.95 installed by a jealous co-worker

A bug that cost $39,000.00 installed by a crack team of foreign intelligence agents
A line carrier built inside the electrical Wiring cable in a Bank’s server room
Remote systems to secretly activate laptop cameras

Spread spectrum - Burst Transmission and Frequency hopping systems;
Telephone transmitters;

  • and a myriad of other devices, systems and methods of attack against our clients.