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IBIS Investigates Fraud
Certified Fraud Examiner Services
Thousands of frauds of every conceivable type. Our cases have ranged from the United Nations Oil for Food Fraud, (the largest fraud in the history of the planet); (BCCI) the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and many other high profile fraud cases.

We investigate:
• Frauds on minority shareholders in private companies;
• Tender and Bid rigging;
• Collusion among branch plant employees;
• Purchasing managers setting up “Ghost” suppliers;
• Bank loan officers writing tombstones;
• Shipping department fraud;
• Phantom production runs; Bribery and Corruption cases, and many other frauds.

IBIS investigates, without bias, spin or favor, to determine if losses are the result of fraud, theft or corruption; or are due to wasteful business practices, policy violations, or lack of controls.

Many of IBIS Fraud cases are referrals from lawyers and accountants who recognize that their client needs IBIS specialized fraud and investigation services.

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Director of Worldwide Project Manager
Certified Fraud Examiner