IBIS Operations Audits™

  IBIS Operations Audits™ are a much enhanced and a greatly superior version of what used to be called an “undercover investigation”.

The undercover investigator works in secret with a cover background and identity and no one ever knows he or she was actually an investigator.

IBIS Operations Audits™ are done to a proprietary format, and address a myriad of concerns from theft and fraud, to company policy violations, to malingering, to infiltration of your work force by individuals with malicious intent, to supervision failure.

IBIS Operations Audits™ provide a “snapshot” and analysis of the company’s current operations, lifestyle, tone and morale from the vantage point of a line employee that is unavailable by any other method.

IBIS Operations Audits™ are designed to determine what is really taking place without impacting on or influencing events in any way, the operatives performing the Audit work in secret. Operatives are selected on the basis of their being able to fit in to the workplace without arousing suspicion, to perform their workplace job, and to accurately report on the events and activities they observe.

If there are criminal activities, IBIS, (in consultation with the client), can involve the IBIS General Investigation Section, the local police or other authorities to investigate, apprehend the perpetrators and lay charges as appropriate.

Where conduct breaches policy, IBIS will, at the conclusion of the project, assist the client to implement controls that make the undesirable conduct much less likely to occur in the future.

At the end of the Audit the operative leaves in the normal course of the client’s business and no one, except IBIS and the client, ever knows the IBIS Operations Audit™ was contemplated, was underway or has taken place.