IBIS Corporation - Hostage Rescue Negotiations

  • Often a fresh, focused approach can resolve issues and bring stalled negotiations to a successful conclusion. IBIS regularly accepts assignments to consult in the recovery of kidnapped executives and abducted children. Our 24 hour Hotline ensures a speedy and efficient process when and if a kidnap occurs.

    IBIS directors have negotiated face to face with heavily armed hostage takers and secured the release of the hostages unharmed. In other cases, professional extortionists have had their best laid plans thwarted by IBIS active measures.

    IBIS negotiators have secured multi-party agreement in complex, international negotiations between corporations, assisted with mergers and buyouts, and negotiated complex labor-management agreements.

    IBIS directors have been both delegates and security advisors to several First Ministers Conferences and have taken part in the "Gordian Knot" discussions on Canadian Constitutional amendments.

    IBIS negotiators took a direct part in resolving the incidents at Kanawake and Khanasatake, (the Oka Crisis). Our intelligence gathering, analysis and negotiation skills were instrumental in helping to end the crisis.

    If you think IBIS negotiation skills can help you, your people or your firm, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss any potential project. 

    IBIS has handled and prevented crises and critical incidents all over the world. We are in the problem solving business.

    IBIS handles all requests in a professional, diligent matter. No IBIS operative is ever dispatched to any foreign locale without an understanding of local laws, customs and practices, and liaison with local IBIS field operatives or resource personnel.

    The most common calls concerning current & potential crises that IBIS responds to are:

    “X” has happened, we are in imminent danger!” or “Our people are being

    IBIS responds to cases in which someone is threatening your operations, or is threatening to harm, kidnap, (or has already kidnapped), an employee or a family member.

    “We need to get our people out of that country- Now!”
    IBIS can prepare and implement an emergency evacuation route with safe houses for executives and their families to wait out a temporary breakdown of the civil authority until they can be evacuated.

    “I travel and work abroad. I am very concerned about terrorism and being kidnapped.”
    IBIS will draft, review, amend, and test an Executive Protection Plan and the Security Plan for facilities abroad. IBIS provides cross-cultural training, which includes how to avoid being kidnapped, and how to act if you are. IBIS will provide protective services for your plant, assets, and people just about anywhere in the world.

    “We don’t really know what would happen in the event of an emergency or critical incident at one of our facilities.”
    IBIS personnel will draft, review, amend, and test your plant Critical Incident Response Plan and the Plant Evacuation Plan by themselves or as part of a Security Survey. We can assist you to put a Crisis Prevention plan in place that will prevent many incidents from occurring in the first place.

    For many clients, IBIS has specific crisis plans in place which take into account the client’s specific circumstances and area of operations. They provide for IBIS Crisis Response Personnel to be on the ground, often in a matter of hours to protect assets, protect lives and to discreetly and efficiently resolve any situation.