IBIS Corporation Counter-Terrorism International

  • COUNTER-TERRORISM AND TAC-INTELIBIS Provides Accurate Tactical Intelligence & Security in Hostile Areas

    In todays world in almost any country there could be an insurgency where Government forces are responding to anarchy by armed insurgents (rebels, terrorists, protestors, "freedom fighters" or bandit gangs). Your foreign operation could suddenly be in the middle of a war zone, and the local government unable to assist because they are fighting for survival. 

    As recent events have shown, traditional “Country Risk Assessments” have not been reliable or accurate forecasts of such trouble. Risk Assessments tend to correlate factors such as standard of living, GNP,  unemployment rates, minorities, documented protests to the UN etc., with a probability of trouble. 

    An insurrection may seem improbable or illogical if the countries citizens have an acceptable level of living, however, if another country is in revolt against their government or foreign agitators have entered the country, or if a legitimate protest movement is taken over by violence prone rabble rousers, that roused rabble can leave foreign firms in a serious situation. 

    IBIS priorities are to protect our clients personnel, assets and facilities; and to cooperate with the Government in power to achieve this. 

    IBIS provides early warming of an insurrection via INTEl gathered by our local operatives.

    IBIS prepares "standing orders" for your local security forces in the event of a normal situation or an insurrection. 

    IBIS recruits, trains and supervises our client's local security and key company key personnel using a variety of methods including simulations and role playing exercises. 

    IBIS implements specific training for your employees and families on minimizing risk during an insurrection. 

    IBIS Counter-Insurgency teams with both military and security expertise to "act as stiffeners" for our client's local security; 

    IBIS prepares an exit strategy and plan to get your people out of the country without waiting for Government assistance which may never come. This includes exit strategies and pre-planned logistics, routes, safe houses and other plans to safely and discreetly remove our client's personnel. These strategies and plans must be in place before any insurrection. 

    IBIS Counter Insurgency teams ensure that our client's personnel, assets, facilities and interests have a protection above and beyond what the Government security forces have the resources, training or personnel to provide in any Insurgency or terrorist situation.


    IBIS has real people “on-the-ground” in over 45 countries, in unsettled areas we can provide verifiable relevant information concerning active and potential terrorist organizations, insurgent threats, and other information on threats in countries where our clients want to do business;

    24 Hour Hot-Line Services:
    Rapid Reaction Forces; Drivers, Local Support and Security as well as Cross Cultural Training for persons travelling to or working in potentially hostile environments.