IBIS Corporation  Marine Cargo Security



Insurance claim for a sailing ship which sank off Cuba:
Reason for investigation:
 The owners of a large commercial   motor/sailing vessel claimed for loss of the vessel when it allegedly sunk in the Caribbean in or near Cuban waters. The insurers tasked IBIS with a discreet preliminary investigation. 

Methodology: IBIS Corporation investigators in Canada the US and elsewhere performed a thorough investigation of the facts as presented by the claimants, including timelines, USCG and CCG records, fueling, provisioning, sightings and alleged ports of call. 

Results: IBIS determined that the “facts” as presented by the  claimants were incorrect. The vessel had disappeared, IBIS provide that it but had not left the Great Lakes, did not sail to or arrive in  Miami, and did not sail near Cuba. Faced with IBIS evidence, the owners promptly withdrew their multi-million dollar claim.


Sabotage of a Fishing Vessel::
Reason for investigation:
 An unidentified crew member had put several Kg of salt in the fuel line of the large trawler while it was off Newfoundland in an attempt to incapacitate the vessel in seas heavy with icebergs, endangering the lives of the other crew members. The vessel owners and the crew wanted to identify the culprit. The Police did not have the resources to investigate and the Coast Guard lacked jurisdiction. IBIS was tasked with the investigation. 

Methodology: After discussions with the company, the master of the vessel and the union, it was decided that IBIS Corporation would give all the 34 crew members lie detector tests. An IBIS operative, certified in the use of the PSE lie detector travelled to a remote village in Nova Scotia where the ship was docked and examined all the crew members. 

Results: IBIS Corporation determined the identity of the culprit and obtained a confession. His motive was to delay the ship so that he could spend more time with his Newfoundland girlfriend. The company, the Union and the innocent crew members were overjoyed with the     result. The guilty party was placed into protective custody after numerous death threats. 

Cruise ship line versus two insurance claimants:
Reason for investigation:
 Two passengers sued a Cruise Line for injuries which mysteriously occurred while they were on a cruise in the Caribbean. The insurers requested basic due diligence performed on the claimants to determine their lifestyles, finances, characters and whether they had a history of claims or litigation. 

Methodology: IBIS performed basic Due Diligence on the claimants in the jurisdiction in which they resided.

Results: IBIS determined that the claimants owned property and a vehicle which were mortgaged. They had no history of claims or litigation, seemed to be of good character and nothing in their histories aroused suspicion. The insurer determined that the claim was not necessarily spurious and commenced negotiations. The claims were settled on relatively favourable terms for the insurer.