IBIS Corporation      Air Cargo Security


    Air Cargo Theft:
    High value air cargo shipments were disappearing from a particular terminal. This was seriously impacting the operations of several freight forwarders and carriers. An organized criminal gang was suspected.

    Methodology: IBIS operatives working undercover infiltrated the contract security and the freight handlers at the terminal. IBIS determined that most of the thefts occurred when one particular shift was working and that some of the contract security guards were colluding with the thieves. IBIS surveillance personnel and covert cameras corroborated this 

    Results: IBIS liaised with the country’s federal police agency responsible for the      airport. A well coordinated raid resulted in the arrests and convictions of one entire shift of freight handlers, two contract security guards and one customs officer. After the   arrests losses dropped to virtually nil. 

    Fraudulent Loss Claims:
    Apparently unrelated companies in three different countries were making large frequent claims for shortages. They also made claims against the US and Canadian Export Development Insurance plans for non-payment for the goods due to the losses. A female shipping clerk searching for the goods noticed that two of the apparently unrelated companies making claims shared a cell phone number.

    Methodology: IBIS investigators due diligence in the US and Canada determined that the companies shipping the goods were all shell companies owned by the same three persons. Further investigations in the receiving countries developed a network of shell companies in various countries all owned by a several extended families. Several family members had serious criminal records and were on the numerous customs and Interpol “Watch lists”. 

    Results: All the claims were denied. The shipping companies and their insurers were saved large sums of money. Other companies previously unknown, but part of the same fraud were uncovered. IBIS documented evidence against the group. Several family members were  prosecuted  in the US and in Canada for fraud. Others melted away and remain at large, no doubt  creating new fraud schemes.