IBIS  C-TPAT Compliance

Every day thousands of trucks carrying innumerable products enter the USA from Canada and Mexico.
C-TPAT Compliance
IBIS has performed its assessments on both Canadian and US and foreign companies.

The IBIS C-TPAT assessment assists our clients in obtaining their C-TPAT certification, but also highlights weaknesses in plant operations and supply chain security which make the client vulnerable to internal and external theft and fraud. This makes the IBIS assessment even more cost effective to the client.

Among the issues that IBIS has revealed:

The hijacking of the operations of an entire container terminal by organized crime.

Members of organized crime controlling a major cross-border trucking  company.

The entire staff of a Branch plant from the Plant Manager to the sweeper conspiring to smuggle pallet loads of goods across the border in company trucks;

Security guards whose names appear on the “no-fly” list allowing unknown persons access to high security shipments;

High value items disappearing from an unlocked, un-secured warehouse;

Spare parts for military aircraft being counterfeited and substituted for the genuine article.