IBIS Corporation Anti Piracy Consulting

  • According to the International Maritime Bureau Piracy hit an all-time high in the first three months of 2011, with 142 attacks worldwide.

    Marauders hijacked 18 vessels and took 344 crew members as hostage, and kidnapped six seafarers from their boats. A further 45 vessels were boarded, and 45 more reported being fired upon. Pirate attacks have included vessels ranging from small pleasure craft and fishing boats to large cargo ships, ore carriers, container ships and tankers.

    Anti-Maritime Piracy and Anti-Hijack Services:

    In most types of Asset and Personnel Protection IBIS personnel use their training and expertise to keep the client out of potentially dangerous situations, avoid confrontation and prevent or diffuse an escalation of a violent approach through diplomacy and firm but non-hostile presence and negotiation, allowing the attacker to save face and retreat.

    However, IBIS realizes that these tactics can not work with an attacker who has a political or financial agenda, nothing to lose, does not fear death and has no remorse for his actions.

    In these instances IBIS personnel adopt a pro-active approach and do whatever is needed to neutralize the threat, resolve the situation and protect our client's people from death or captivity and their  assets from destruction.

    We will formulate a "real world" security plan appropriate to the locale, route and situation of the vessel.

    IBIS provides Maritime Security Teams to protect the vessel, the crew and the cargo while at sea and in port. 

    We will not, however, play "Russian roulette" with the lives of our teams, and those we have undertaken to protect, by having too few security personnel for the assignment, or by telling them they have to face live automatic weapons and RPG fire with fire-hoses.